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How do I enable Adobe Flash & Active "X"

Flash is automatically activated after rebooting your system. However,

 Active "X" must be activated.
      a) If using Internet Explorer (MS)  
            1) Click TOOLS
             2) Click Internet Options
              3) Click Advanced
               4)  Scroll down to "SECURITY" and check the first two boxes and
                     click OK!
       b)  If using Mozilla FireFox
             1) Click TOOLS
               2) Click OPTIONS
                3) Click CONTENT
                      a) make sure all 4 boxes are checked and then click OK!

How can I read PDF files using FireFox web browser?


Within the "Tools" menu, select "Options", then select each "Adobe Acrobat content types" and choose "use Adobe Acrobat as Default" in the right TAB window next to each content type. This procedure works providing that Adobe Acrobat is installed on the system.


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Where can I find Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash Player downloadpage

  (click the above titleto go there)

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Why doesn't Flash player or the music player work?

Sometimes, Flash Player will need to be removed and then reinstalled.


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Who is ... ?

Were still looking!


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What is ... ?

The universal question!

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When is ... ?

Only time will tell :-)


Microsoft Windows Explorer seems to work best with this site that utilizes Flash, Shockwave, animations & interactive buttons. This site was constructed with Microsoft Expressions 2.


 Note: MS IE8 does not support animated Favicons.


 Mozilla Firefox does support animated Favicons

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