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Engine Preheater Switch Box


JoesPiper simplified Cell-Phone switch box!

   Have you ever required the ability to be able to switch on or off your engine preheaters at will from almost anywhere? Now you can with the JoesPiper simplified Cell-Phone Switch Box!

The pics shown below illustrate the first constructed prototype which has been working flawlessly since its inception.

 sw1 sw2 sw3 sw4 sw5 sw6 sw7 sw8 

he Cell-Phone Switch Box can be plugged into any circuit protected 120v AC socket. The switch box incorporates a step down transformer to power the circuit board that operates a 15 amp relay that is turned on or off utilizing the front light of your cell phone when it is called. There is also a light bulb socket (738V) that incorporates an E26 - E17 reducer for a C9 bulb (wrapped in tin foil to preclude light) to provide heat for the circuit board. This particular Cell-Phone Switch Box is setup to activate on 2 rings, then deactivate on 1 ring.

For construction details and component parts, download the PDF file here! Enjoy :-)