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           July 30th / 2013

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OshKosh 2013


   August 6st, 2013

Oshkosh Departure


"Some say that air shows are just air shows and all air shows are alike except that one gets to look and ponder at the same aircraft over and over. This may be true sit'n in front of the television every year and wish'n one could be there! At Oshkosh, the air shows are daily indeed, but it's not really about the air shows, it's about the people and all about the people. Of course the event is truly an aviation spectacle all of its own and one can truly testify that the folks who attend Oshkosh Air Venture are a crowd un-paralleled anywhere !" I wrote the above statement in 2010 and decided to leave it as is that statement has not changed to date! I still cannot wipe the smile off of my face.

Saturday (August 03,) wasn't much of a fanfare as traffic lining up to depart flowed smoothly including my departure. The trick is to get in line early for runway 27. I did hear that Sundays' departure for some was difficult as it should have as trying to get thousands of planes out at once is a mystery to me to this day. I departed in great weather to Lone Rock (LNR) which is a quiet small airfield with a very good restaurant on the field with plans to visit "House on the Rock" in Spring Green, WI.  This house is a spectacle in its own and a bucket list item. I will leave it at that. The next day departure was uneventful also until the middle of Nebraska when low ceilings pushed JoesPiper into SVFR and a 2 hour delay at Grand Island (Delta) until the ceilings lifted for my continued trek to Colorado. Stand tall ATC at GRI, you guys went over board to help me in. After picking up fuel at Lexington, NE (LXN), JoesPiper continued on to FTG and much  to surprise, the turbulence was at a minimum during the afternoon with elevated density altitudes being reported from ATIS (telephone) at FTG. I didn't mind as I like flying without having my bones rattled constantly. JoesPiper arrived at Front Range (FTG) with a DA of 8400 feet with no fanfare again and Airventure 2013 came to close with a constant smile with embedded memories that will last  forever!


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